The editors of the Curran Index invite periodicals researchers to submit new attributions and corrections. We welcome new attribution data, from a single article to a batch of articles (whether focused on a specific periodical or a specific contributor), for prose, review and verse pieces in periodicals published in the long nineteenth-century (1800-1914). Please fill in the relevant tab(s) below with as much detail as possible, leaving any field blank if it does not apply/the information is not available. All contributions are gratefully received and will be acknowledged on the website.
If you are providing an attribution for a person and periodical already present in the Index, you should submit the Document form only. If the contributor is not present in the Index, please fill out and submit both the Document and Contributor forms (please note you must submit each form separately by pressing the ‘Submit’ button). If the periodical is not already present in the Index, please also complete the form on the Periodical tab.
To submit corrections to attributions, titles, dates or other errors (including typographical) in the current Curran Index or the Wellesley Index, please use the Corrections tab and provide as much detail as possible.

Attribution scholarship and authentication

See ‘Attribution Scholarship in the Curran Index for a guide to locating and authenticating attributions. Please note that, as a rule, we do not accept attributions purely based on stylistic analysis. Reliable evidence for attribution is found in ledger books, memoirs and other life writing, and correspondence; please indicate your source and give an indication of the confidence of the attribution, e.g. is it the author themselves claiming the work? Is it contemporary? For example, attributions drawn from letters, memoirs and ledger books should be listed as ‘high’ attribution confidence.
It should also be noted that, sometimes, even when an article signature or a publisher’s record connects a name with a given article, the article may still effectively be anonymous. Outside of other information, who would know, for example, what to make of a ‘J. Smith’ associated with a particular article? Reference works such as the British Newspaper Archive, WorldCat, the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography and other tools should be used to provide further information to make attributions meaningful.
The editors will evaluate all submissions and may get in touch to request clarification before integrating new data into the Index.

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Contributor Submission

For contributors who are not currently present in the Index, please provide as much information as possible, including a short biographical statement (c. 50-100 words). You may also include which university they attended (optional). Please provide dates in the format DD/MM/YYYY.
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